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Let Google Fill Your Appointment Book with Reserve With Google

Google wants to help you fill your appointment with its newest feature Reserve With Google. Reserve With Google is available in the U.S. for businesses in the fitness or beauty industry that use a supported scheduling partner and have a Google My Business Account set up.
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Why Your Business Needs to Be in Reserve With Google:

  • You can rapidly increase your number of client bookings and appointments by using this powerful tool provided by Google.
  • Google still has over 80% of the search market. This includes mobile devices. (The exact percentage varies depending on who you ask, but the lowest I've seen is 80% and this includes Mac users.)
  • It is the equivalent of putting your business on websites like or, but your clients can book directly through Google without having to leave the search engine.
  • ┬áMore people today are making booking decisions without ever visiting your site.

What types of businesses are eligible for Reserve With Google?

  • Hair Stylists/ Barbers
  • Cosmetology
  • Nail Technicians
  • Fitness Classes and Personal Training
  • Massage Therapists
  • Tattoo Artists
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How We Can Help You With Reserve With Google:

Reserve With Google is a perfect fit for us. It does exactly what our mission statement says: More Active Local Buyers to Your Door or Website. In this case it's to your door. We feel that this is an excellent opportunity for businesses in the beauty and fitness industry to fill their schedules and serve more clients and make more money.

To utilize RWG, you have to have a Google My Business profile, preferably an optimized Google map for your business, and an approved 3rd party booking company. Even if you already have a Google My Business profile, we can further optimize it for you and even build you what is known as a Google entity site. We can also do a Google map stack to get more benefit for your business in the Google searches. Finally, we can help you find a 3rd party booking firm that Google has approved that can fit your needs.

We have simplified this process so you can continue to take care of your customers. In most cases your business shows up in RWG within 2 days after we submit it. If you look in your area, not many businesses have taken advantage of this yet. This is a prime time to get ahead of the wave and capitalize on this growing trend.

Is Google charging for this?

No, Google does not charge for this service.

Does the approved 3rd party booking firm charge for RWG?

There is one approved 3rd party booking company that has a lifetime free plan and also offers several paid plans. The other booking companies charge anywhere from $29 to $150 a month. If your budget is limited, don't worry we can get you into the free booking company's system.