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Measure What Matters: Are Local Buyers Coming to Your Business?

Business Assessments

Before any changes are made to your business processes, it is best to do a systems assessment. Detailed assessments help determine where you are losing buyers and how to capture and convert them into long term customers. Then systems can be put in place to ensure that your sales force, marketing team, and website managers can replicate those results with consistency and accuracy.
We offer assessments for:

Our Sales Assessments System will effectively analyze your present sales system from lead generation to close. There are many moving parts in an effective sales system, and each of those parts must be fine tuned to provide optimum results.

We take an integrated and comprehensive approach to sales assessments. We examine both the process and the personnel in sales. This gives your company the best possible outcomes: higher customer retention, larger sales volume, lower employee turnover, and an increased lifetime client value.

Our Marketing Assessments analyze all of your marketing channels to determine the viability of each. The ultimate result of any marketing campaign is to bring in new clients. Bottom line- if your marketing is not bringing in new clients, it needs to be changed.

We look at each of your marketing channels individually and then as a cohesive unit to see which ones are bringing results. We also determine client acquisition cost. Once client acquisition is determined, your marketing campaigns can be scaled for growth.

Our assessment for websites also includes web presence, online reputation and reviews, and social media. We not only look for how well you show up in Google, but how well your site shows up in social media. Local buyers' purchases are influenced by social media.

We make sure that business websites are user friendly, and have a clear call to action. Also, we look to social media profiles and reviews to make sure that everything is synced up to give your business the maximum benefit from those channels.