Measure What Matters: Does Your Company Know How Much It Costs to Get a New Client?

What Does it Cost to Get a New Client in the Door?

What if you knew that every $1 you spent on marketing resulted in $4 worth of profit.

How much would you be willing to spend? You would be able to market your way to success.

Do you know your new client acquisition cost?

The second most important metric of any business is the cost of new client acquisition. Many businesses don't want to think about this, but the only way to scale a business is by knowing the actual cost of acquiring a new client.

Once this critical variable becomes known, the sky is actually the limit. Once the actual cost is determined, and then optimized, your entire business becomes scaleable. You can then grow your business at the level you want.

How is Client Acquisition Cost Determined?

This is both a simple, yet complex formula to determine the actual client acquisition cost. It does involve keeping very good records and also being able to be honest with yourself about the results.

The first step is to determine what methods are actually bringing in clients. Are you doing print media ads, Google PPC, Facebook Ads, or others? Take the actual cost and then see how many new prospects are coming in. You do need to keep accurate records during this time.

You will also want to split test. Split testing is when you separate the various means of results to determine which method is most effective.

Once client acquisition cost is determined, the sky is the limit
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